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Busy Soccer Week

Such a great past weekend it was in the soccer world! Firstly, a splendid one in matters concerning greatly contested derby matches in both the Premier league and La liga sides. The north London derby was Saturday’s afternoon date for the gunners and Tottenham fans, all to dismay for Tottenham

An Edge Closer to a Champions League Trophy

A tantalizing 6-0 lead is what Arsenal treated its fans to in a champions league match against Ludogorets at the Emirates Stadium. Two of the six goals being amazingly scored in the first half of the match. The other four being scored in the second half of the match, a

What You Need To know About Arsenal –Barcelona CL Clash.

Arsenal clash against Barcelona

The Arsenal Champions League clash against Barcelona tomorrow will be one in which Arsenal have to come up and outperform Barcelona(it's possible).Do you think Arsenal can go ahead and out-perform the proven Catalans?Tell me your answer in the comment box.   Time,and time again Arsenal have always been drawn with big teams