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Fates Decided

What a week it has been! I would not know how yours has been but the soccer atmosphere itself in the couple of few days has been magnificent to watch. Spine tingling fixtures all around Europe have placed fans on toes all week long. From the ruthless 7 nil thrashing

Succumbed Defeat at Etihad

'Mustafi, we really miss you.' This is my opening statement as Arsenal again succumbed to a 2-1 defeat by Manchester City. Straight from a disappointing performance from Everton. There were high expectations that Arsenal would come full- swing on this game. Breathing fire and brimstone, Arsenal were more likely expected

Lucky Toffee Win at Goodison Park

Everton 2, Arsenal 1, well, it has been quite sometime since a post on an Arsenal loss was posted. Well, truth be told that Arsenal had lots and lots of chances but never utilized them well, especially from Mesut Ozil. In short, or summarizing this up, Arsenal played, but on

Begin of Difficult November Tidings

November is here. November it is indeed and from past history and matches, well we as gooner fans know too well that this is not our month. This season's November match starts with a London derby, Tottenham Hotspurs vs Arsenal. Predicting this derby might prove difficult but i would obviously

Its Time For New leadership; Diego Simeone!

Arsenal eyeing to sign Diego Simeone

Its been a while indeed ,Arsenal have under-performed in the the main leagues.We were kidded out of both leagues in ways which were not pleasant to anyone at all.But then it time to pick up speed and think about what we want and what is left for us.Leicester has been