Busy Soccer Week

Such a great past weekend it was in the soccer world! Firstly, a splendid one in matters concerning greatly contested derby matches in both the Premier league and La liga sides. The north London derby was Saturday’s afternoon date for the gunners and Tottenham fans, all to dismay for Tottenham


Now that we’re on the international break, players are all set to maintain their form against other countries ahead of the 2018 world cup qualifiers in Russia. African countries have managed to complete the qualifiers with some new teams securing places while some big names out this time round. Africa’s

Redemption for Gunners

The past week has been a nightmare for big clubs in England including our all-time favorite rivals Manchester United succumbing a 1-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge against the Blues. In an earlier kick off last Sunday evening was Pep’s side going at it with the gunners at Etihad stadium. Fans

Succumbed Defeat at Etihad

'Mustafi, we really miss you.' This is my opening statement as Arsenal again succumbed to a 2-1 defeat by Manchester City. Straight from a disappointing performance from Everton. There were high expectations that Arsenal would come full- swing on this game. Breathing fire and brimstone, Arsenal were more likely expected