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Succumbed Defeat at Etihad

‘Mustafi, we really miss you.’ This is my opening statement as Arsenal again succumbed to a 2-1 defeat by Manchester City. Straight from a disappointing performance from Everton. There were high expectations that Arsenal would come full- swing on this game. Breathing fire and brimstone, Arsenal were more likely expected to win this game. This will rise the game toll of Manchester City to three games unbeaten by Arsenal. On the other hand, it raises Arsenal’s game toll to two games with no win.

Well, saying so, this might be a continuation of the difficult November tidings. Why so? This is because Arsenal have really been showing struggling signs in winning a game. Although their game play is quite enticing to watch, they should know that we need goals and not game play. We at least need nine points to get to the Leaders of the table ‘ Chelsea.’


As usual, the first goal of the match came from an Arsenal side. The ball was netted in by an ever impressive Theo Walcott. This happened in the early fourth minute. This was through an impressive counter attack from Hector Bellerin who later passed it to Alexis Sanchez, who in turn passed a through ball to Theo Walcott who happened to be in the right place at the right time. This is after out- running the Manchester City defense. He easily shot the ball past Bravo and into the back of the net giving Arsenal the early lead thus in turn drawing first blood.

The second goal of the match came from a manchester city side, thus making the scores level. This happened right a minute after half time. The goal scored by Sane in the 46th minute. This was through a beautiful chip from Silva who chipped it past Gabriel and Koscileny to Sane who had already made a run past the Arsenal defenders. He just then shot the ball past Cech and into the back of the net to a roaring manchester city fans.

The third goal of the match came also from a manchester city side. This thus making the scores 2-1. The goal was scored by Raheem Sterling in the 71st minute and sincerely speaking, what a shot it was, from inside the box. This was my goal of the match in an honest opinion. Chance created by Kevin De Bruyne as he long passed the ball to Raheem Sterling who in turn dribbled the ball past Nacho Monreal and then took the shot that sent the ball into the back of the net.

Well, generally speaking, manchester city proved as always quite difficult a team to beat for it was much more composed in the second half thus ended up winning the game. Arsenal on the other hand looked exhausted in the second half and provided lesser chances. This is a trend that has been there even in the past games and its an area that should be looked upon for it was the same strategy that led to their defeat against Everton.

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