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Lucky Toffee Win at Goodison Park

Everton 2, Arsenal 1, well, it has been quite sometime since a post on an Arsenal loss was posted. Well, truth be told that Arsenal had lots and lots of chances but never utilized them well, especially from Mesut Ozil. In short, or summarizing this up, Arsenal played, but on the other hand, Everton scored the goals. In such form, as displayed in this match at Goodison Park. Arsenal in short does not have what it takes to be at the top of the league contenders with Chelsea. This is if yesterday’s game play continues.


The first goal of the match was from an ever impressive Alexis Sanchez in the early first half in the 19th minute. This chance was created via a free kick outside the box. This was out of shear luck as Williams deflected the free kick as the ball went straight into the back of the net past a helpless Everton goalkeeper, who in all means went diving in the opposite direction as Arsenal fans roared with joy.

The second goal of the match came up minutes before the half- time break, the 44th minute. The goal was scored by Everton’s ¬†Shamers Coleman. A perfect ball into the penalty area, an assist via a high ball from Banes past the Arsenal defenders. This thus gave Petr Cech no chance as he only watched the ball headed by Coleman pass him and into the back of the net. A perfect piece of footwork from Banes is what set the pace to the second goal of the match which proved to be Everton’s equalizer.

The third goal of the match came from a proving hard to beat Everton side. This happened in the 86th minute. This was through a corner taken by Everton’s Barkley. He high balled the ball deep into the box and williams happened to be in the right place at the right time. This is depicted by the way he did nothing but simply headed the ball inside past Petr Cech.

Well, in general terms, the match was lively as each team tried to get the better of the other. This was hyphened in the dying last 30 seconds of the match. Arsenal desperately tried to look for an equalizer but evert time being denied by Everton. Alexis Sanchez’s miss and a rebounded Alex Iwobi miss were all accounted for in the thirty seconds. Well, also accounted for was a counter attack from Everton in this thirty seconds that proved fruitless as both Lukaku and Meireless missed chances to make the score 3-1.

Lennon, Lukaku and Valencia really gave the Arsenal defense a run for their money as they were up on their necks. Or maybe its because Mustafi was not present but was instead replaced by Gabriel. Many Arsenal fans would point out that this was the core reason for the loss. But generally, in an honest opinion, Everton displayed quite a beautiful game against the Gunners out there.


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