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Hotly Salvaged Gooner Win.

A 3-1 win over stoke city during the past weekend was what Arsenal savagely salvaged in a hotly contested match at the Emirates. Stoke City as usual proved at first a difficult task to accomplish. This is especially after they scored their first goal in the first half. This in turn adds up the winning toll to three wins past the said difficult Arsenal November tidings. Well needless to say, the gunners would have won the game flat and square with even more to spare had they taken their chances seriously.


The match goals started raining in the 28th minute from a Stoke City penalty. A foul in the Stoke box from Granit Xhaka awarded to Allen. Granit’s knock on Allen’s head was not intentional but according to the referee’s eyes, it was intentionally done. Charlie Adams then took over and scored the penalty for Stoke City thus making the first half of the game quite an interesting match as Arsenal tried to level up the scores.

The second goal of the match was in favor of Arsenal. A goal in the 41st minute from an impressive Theo Wallcott. He made it look simple from a Hector Bellerin assist outside the box. An impressive Theo only had to tap the ball into the back of the net past Stoke’s goalkeeper to finally level up the scores.

The third goal of the match came forth in the 48th minutes, three minutes after half- time. This was from an ever impressive Mesut Ozil. This was aided by an Alex Oxlade Chamberlain chip from outside the box. Mesut who in turn happened to be at the right place at the right time after making a run past Stoke’s defenders did nothing but just headed the ball into the back of the net making it look quite a simple finish. This was quite simple such that the Stoke defenders were in shock for a whole 30 seconds in disbelief amid Arsenal’s celebrations of a secured three point victory.

The fourth goal of the match which sealed Arsenal’s three point lead happened in the 74th minute of game play. This was from an unbelievable Alex Iwobi. He took over from an Alexis Sanchez foul. Instead of the referee awarding a foul, he continued game play and Iwobi never wasted the chance as he netted the ball into the back of the net. This in turn thus gave Arsenal a two goal lead against Stoke City.

This win gives Arsenal another surge through the gears into the title. It was quite a luxury indeed in the English Premier league to win a game this easily. The match in the last 15 minutes was quite enjoyable for Arsenal fans as they held and stuck to their possession game. What even surprised me was the fact that Wenger could afford to substitute Alexis of all the players he had in the field. This proves how wenger was quite comfortable in this match.

Well, what can i say, nothing much but Kudos and well done Arsenal.

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