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The Braceful Giroud Comeback

A 4-1 lead is what Arsenal treated its fans to over the weekend in a match against Sunderland. This adds up to a toll of Arsenal’s 14 games unbeaten by any team for quite an impressed Arsene Wenger. The Gunners would have won this game flat and square with even more to spare had they taken all their chances seriously.


The goals of the match started flowing in during the 18nth minute by quite an impressive header from Alexis Sanchez. An assist through a cross from an on form Chamberlain outside the box, set the pace of the game. Alexis by then who had made a sneak into the box finished it off with a top class header crafting the ball into the net, thus giving Arsenal their lead.

The second goal came from Sunderland from a Defoe penalty. Arsenal had really shot themselves in this goal as Aintikson was roughed inside Arsenal’s box by Petr Cech who attempted to get hold of a dangerous pass but in the process ended up roughing Aintikson.

The third goal of the match was scored by a redeemed Olivier Giroud on the 70th minute. Only 60 seconds of play and Giroud proved to be a force to reckon with. This was his first Premier League goal since May. All this is thanks to an assist cross from Alexis Sanchez who crossed the ball deep into Sunderland’s box, for the center forward (Giroud) to finish up the Job.

The fourth goal of the match came from Arsenal and was scored by an again impactful Olivier Giroud on the 75th minute. This was through a corner from Mesut Ozil who crossed it deep inside the box to Giroud who did not have trouble in heading the ball into the back of the net with quite a splendid performance.

The fifth goal of the match came from Arsenal in the 77nth minute. This was so far the most unlikely goal of which was scored by an impressive Alexis Sanchez. It was through quite a scuffle in the Sunderland box as Sanchez received the ball from a Gibbs rebound as the ball hit the post. However, immediately the ball was in Sanchez’s legs, he beautifully completed the job at hand.

This fourth goal from Arsenal was the breaking point for some Sunderland fans as they were seen leaving the Stadium.

On the other hand, this defeat left winless Sunderland at the bottom of the table as Arsenal still shares the lead with Manchester City. Sunderland were quite fortunate not to concede half a dozen goals by half time as they were left chasing shadows by Arsenal’s slick passing and movements. Surprisingly, Arsenal never missed Theo as he was rested to protect a minor injury. however, they had an impressive Giroud who scored a brace to give Arsenal their deserved lead.

Well done Arsenal…



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