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Begin of Difficult November Tidings

November is here. November it is indeed and from past history and matches, well we as gooner fans know too well that this is not our month. This season’s November match starts with a London derby, Tottenham Hotspurs vs Arsenal. Predicting this derby might prove difficult but i would obviously place my bet on Arsenal. They have proved to be quite an on- form team from the past matches and a force to reckon with both in the champion’s league and the English Premier League. I hope Sunday’s derby will be the same tidings of a win- win strategy.

Well, on better tidings, Arsene Wenger so far has seen off amazingly ten Hotspur managers. Well why would tomorrow’s match be different then. For when it comes to North London derbys’, Arsene proves them all wrong and reigns supreme over all of them. But on the other hand, Mauricio Pochettino has never had a losing record against Wenger with Spurs. This thus makes Sunday’s match quite an interesting derby and a must watch match for all soccer super fans. Tottenham on the other side are yet to be beaten in the league. Furthemore, they have the best defensive record this season against all teams in the league.

Theo Wallcot on the other hand has been confirmed as one of the starting eleven in the derby. He missed out in the last two matches due to an injury that he was nursing, but he has come through the injury to be included in the first eleven.

Giroud, Olivier Giroud, well what do you think, should he feature in the first eleven or not? Giroud is refocused. This Giroud is the good Giroud, the Giroud expected by Arsenal fans. What we do not know is that just how long this performance will last. Three games, Four? Maybe none. But for sure for Arsenal’s forward, there is obviously a barren run coming from him. It’s however impossible to say when at the moment for he is quite inspirational and delivering, especially in his braceful comeback against Sunderland.

For my consideration on who becomes the forward. Olivier Giroud should occupy that role and prove his wrath. Alexis on the other side should stick to the left flank whereas Ramsey should stick to the right flank. Theo and Oxlade are also in good form, they both have strong cases for inclusion, especially if Arsenal want to stretch the good hotspur defense. Ozil on the other hand should be rested and should only feature as a super substitution for we don’t want to cause an embarrassment to the Hotspur defense by his wizard moves. Especially after what he did to Ludogorets on Wednesday.

Well whatever the answer is, it has been a long time since Wenger had such a difficult time in naming his first eleven.

Arsenal has won 75 meetings between the two teams, with Tottenham winning 55 times. The two teams have drawn in 48 matches as statistics report. Well with this status, i will let you make your own judgement on the london derby.

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