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Arsene’s Questionable Win Marking 20th Anniversary in Arsenal

Quite a lucky and narrow win for Arsenal. Arsenal 1 Burnley 0 was the final result of a quite contended match from both sides each desperate for a win, Despite the first half of the match being a draw and both teams defending quite well, Burnley finally gave in during the injury time of the second half. The goal scorer Laurent Koscileny (although chamberlain was given credit for it) had to fumble with the ball from an Alexis sanches cross.

Well, saying so, this game was quite dominated by Arsenal starting straight from the third minute where Alexis missed a goal by quite a whisker. Moving down to the 15nth minute, an impressive and on form Theo also missed by a whisker as he aimed his shot from outside the box. However Burnley also had their attempt and was quite a close call that came through in the 37nth minute of play whereby Matthew nearly silenced the Arsenal fans by heading in a goal. The drama still continued in the 73rd minute as Sanches also missed a shot in close range. However, the closest call for Arsenal came in the 84th minute from Theo who shot from outside the box but his shot was deflected by the goalkeeper to still keep the scores leveled.

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  • Controversial Goal

Laurent Koscielny’s goal on which Chamberlain was given credit for will remain quite a talk of today’s match. Sincerely speaking, that was a fair goal and shouldn’t have doubts surrounding it for he never actually and intentionally meant to touch the ball with his elbow. It was this deflection that gave Arsenal their lead, were it not for this, surely Chamberlain’s efforts would have bore no fruits.

  • Under Performers

However, i need to speak of a few characters from the squad who really under-performed. Mesut Ozil being the main culprit in this case,. On a serious note he was a shadow of his own self in this match, he was nowhere to be seen. A sharp shooter he always is and most of his shots are always on target, but this time round it was quite a big ‘NO’ to that Ozil. He had no shot on target and neither off target. What was he doing in the field? One would really wonder. The next culprit in this list is Iwobi. At some point i even thought that Arsenal had become a ten man squad for Iwobi was nowhere in sight.

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On a lighter note, there are some characters i can’t pen off without congratulating them. Theo was quite impressive today together with Alexis. They quite stood out from the rest as they tried to get the ball behind the net.

An Arsenal win this weekend was quite crucial for they were also celebrating Wenger’s 20th anniversary.

“Its a privilege.It’s my life. Twenty years in a professional career is amazing.” Said the jovial Frenchman on a Saturday interview.

He took charge of Arsenal in 1996 winning nine major trophies which is quite a tough call for any manager.

‘Kudos!’ Mr. Wenger, you deserve it for your hard work ┬áperseverance and amazing wins for 20 years.



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