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A Per Full of Future Doubting Action in Arsen

  • Mertesacker Rumors

Per Mertesacker. Arguably one of the most formidable defenders on Arsenal’s list is rumored to be leaving Arsenal. Why is this so? Mainly because he has of late been really out of play. Out of play means out of shape. This really spells doom to a player of his level. Mainly because his position might be taken up by others. This is exactly what happened to Arsenal’s number one defender. Due to his injury, he has quite been out of playing recent times. His position thus has ended up being taken by Mustafi.

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On the other hand, Mustafi and Gabriel are quite a formidable link in the Arsenal defense. It is quite not probable that the Mustafi and Gabriel link will be broken anytime soon by Wenger. This thus in turn puts Per Mertesacker’s chances of getting back to the first team a fifty by fifty chance. It has also so far been revealed that the German international has also retired from international duty in order to focus more on his club career.

The German international picked up an injury in July and has yet to feature for the club in the 2016-2017 Premier league campaign. This is where in this absence, the arrival of Shkodran Mustafi was a blessing for Arsenal. Mustafi has thrived well in the Arsenal defense. He has blended together with the other defenders easily. This thus has given the new kid quite an upper hand against per. There is a good chance that he will be keeping his spot in the starting 11 for quite some time alongside the likes of Koskileny and Gabriel.

” Mustafi does not have the same limitations like Mertesacker.” Said an Arsenal fan in an interview. ” Mertesacker compared to Mustafi was quite slow and has been quite a let down as it lead to many easy goals.” He added.

From this fan, we get to learn that the 32 year old former Arsenal captain was not as fast as compared to the latest addition. This further depicts on how slim Mertesacker’s chances are for joining the first eleven. For if we as Arsenal fans are so far satisfied with Mustafi, Why the need for Per Mertesacker.

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  • A Giroud on the Edge

Following this list of possible transfers, we have Olivier Giroud. Giroud so far has quite under performed this season. He has only made four short appearances for the gunners from the substitution bench. Alexis on the other hand seems to be giving him a run for his position. he is proving quite useful and hard to displace from his new center forward position. This does not get better for Giroud for rumors on Welbeck returning from his injury are doing big rounds. This means that Alexis and Welbeck will be holding the position solidly thus leaving the Frenchman with limited chances. Rumors are further doing the rounds that Giroud could be a transfer target for some big clubs eg: Juventus, Inter Milan and Atletico Madrid.

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