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An Impressive 10 Man Gooner Performance

Gooner Park

An impressive ten Man Arsenal managed to make their way to the top of the League table. A joint lead with Manchester City. Via a 3-2 win over Swansea. A highly entertaining match of a total 95 minutes.


All the action between these two competitive sides started in the 25th minute when Theo Walcott scored. The chance created by Hector Bellerin via a beautiful header into the Box from an impressive Iwobi cross. Theo then happened to be in the right position at the right time as he fumbled with the ball to give Arsenal the lead.

The second goal still came from an impressive and an on form Theo Walcott in the 32nd minute. All this credited to a Carzola corner who sent it deep inside the box. Then as usual again, Theo happened to be at the right position at the right time. Or basically in this case, it was a Fernandez (Crystal defender) mistake. He tried to header the ball outside the box but instead deflected it to Walcott. Theo with no hesitation volleyed the ball into the net giving Arsenal their second goal.

However, Swansea never gave up and it was in the 37nth minute where their efforts bore fruits. This was through a brilliant finish from Sigurdsson with his left foot. This however was a lucky goal to them due to a Granit Xhaka error. Sigurdsson intercepted a pass to Granit from Koscileny and really made good use of it.

The fourth goal of the match came from Arsenal. Really and what a great way to celebrate your birthday Ozil. He scored for Arsenal in the 56th minute after half-time. He really made it look simple. A high ball from Alexis Sanchez to Ozil who was in the right position gave birth to Arsenal’s third goal. An overjoyed 28 year old Ozil celebrated his goal in style signalling Arsenal fans licking his thumb.

The fifth goal of the match came on the 65th minute from Swansea. The Spanish striker Borja volleyed a beautiful ball into the net. A pass from Barrow to Borja gave Swansea their second goal of the match.

2. Granit Xhaka

Well a red card is something to really talk about. Granit Xhaka, i was quite surprised for i never expected such from him. I do not want to dwell much on this 80th minute tackle on Swansea’s Barrow. That was quite a poor challenge. It was not really clear if he was going for the ball or had other intentions. Anyway, the referee decided to red card his action.
3. Theo Walcott

He was quite impressive. The Theo we all knew is back with a bang. He displayed quite a good performance in this match. Apart from the brace he scored, he also had quite some close calls in this match. The most impressing ones evident in the 83rd and 93rd minutes as they all hit the post.

It was generally quite a tough game that kept Arsenal fans on the edge of their seats. This was especially in the final 20 minutes. However, we managed to grasp the three points.

Well done Arsenal!

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