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Top Lessons Learnt From The Lifeless Draw Against Leicester City

lifeless draw against leicester city

A barren draw 0-0 is what Arsenal finally treated their fans to in a very competitive 93 minutes match against last season’s league winners Leicester City at the Kingpower stadium on Saturday 20th August.

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Both teams really put up a fight with a high number of chances created by the Arsenal players who also seemed quite unlucky for they could not get the ball behind the net. Attempts were created by mostly Santi Carzola and Theo Walcott. But perhaps the most surprising fact is that Arsene Wenger opted to omit some of his finest players in his first eleven. A move which really angered the fans who expressed this in the post-match interviews. Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere and Olivier Giroud were left out in the first eleven, despite the fact that Giroud is Arsenal’s only striker and instead he played Sanchez at Giroud’s striking position.

However, the most talked of events in this match were the two fouls commited by Koscileny and Hector Bellerin. They both fouled Leicester city players both in the penalty area in the 44th and 74th minutes respectively. The fouled Leicester City players were drinkwater and Musa who were quite persistent in asking for their penalties but were not awarded. Each of this fouls resulted to “boos” from the angered Leicester city fans who seemed quite at loggerheads with the referee. Generally, the referee seemed quite biased towards one side.

Apart from the fouls committed by Koscileny and Bellerin, Arsenal had quite a good game of play as opposed to Leicester city. Their passing game was quite on point unlike leicester’s which was more of a hit and hope situation, bearing the fact they were hitting the ball hoping that Vardy could be somewhere unmarked and that he would deliver the crucial goal for them.

Xhaka, Arsenal’s new signing this season was also included in the first eleven. At first I had underrated the performance of this kid, but boy I was really in for a rude shock as he proved his worth to the Arsenal team. He was quite calm and composed and knew what he was really doing in the pitch. He even attempted to score quite a number of times unlike Alexis sanchez who was nowhere to be seen.

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Alexis Sanchez did not quite deliver, he was quite a disappointment. The Alexis that I know could have done quite better. Logically speaking, he was nowhere in the field. I even at one time thought that he had been substituted. He was such a shadow such that Francis coquelin appeared to get hold of the ball more times than he did.

How could I even forget this, no I can’t forget to talk about the Arsenal Goalkeeper, the Chelsea export Petr Czech. The ever confident goalkeeper. Who could even think of dribbling a player in the box when one knows of the dangers of such actions. Yes, Czech did it, he made the game lively be dribbling past some of the Leicester players. He also made a couple of great saves for his team that helped them remain level.

Despite all this however, an angered Arsene Wenger left the pitch a devastated man a cloud of failure looming around him. The second game this season without any win. That was quite a blow to both the fans and especially the manager Arsene wenger. This further greatly affected the fans in such a way that in the last 10 minutes before the end of the game, one could hear arsenal fans shouting “ Spend some money!” referring to the fact that Wenger is quite reluctant in buying a new striker stating that no one is currently good for Arsenal. So Mr.Wenger, its two weeks to the closure of the sales window, what is really your next move?

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