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Julian Draxler is Set To Join Arsenal This Summer

Arsenal and Julian Draxler

Well, the transfer window has been going on for on for a couple of days and nothing has really changed in the Arsenal Front line, but now reports are indicating that Julian Draxler is set to join Arsenal. You know better than I do that every transfer season we are faced with a lot of transfer speculations which always eat our trust on Wenger. Just the other day we were set to finally complete the Mkihtaryan transfer but now he is in Manchester United. I must say that Mourinho is gunning up to stage a successful fight come next season and that leaves Arsene Wenger to think long and hard before making any surprise purchase.

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Arsene Wenger is set to join Arsenal just before the season kicks off, which is just a few more weeks from today. This signing may bring a lot of impact to the front line and it may cause Arsenal to stage one good fight too, come next season. Julian Draxler is one long term player that if signed will bring a lot of power into the attacking ways of Arsenal. A season ago Sanchez was signed and he brought a lot of impact to the squad, Ozil did the same to the midfield. And bearing in mind that Ramsey has had a very successful internationals campaign and if he is capable of replicating exactly that performance in the premier league then we may at last be setting our eyes on the premier league trophy.

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Fans have really tried to plead with the Arsenal French man to complete the Julian Draxler deal and if he agrees to that, which he actually never has, then Julian Draxler will join Arsenal. But that is just a tip of the ice bag, going deeper Wenger may consider making this transfer, especially because he knows what Julian Draxler is capable of .Wenger managed to very well transform RVP into a most favored center forward who helped Arsenal throughout the season just before his debut to Manchester United. However, currently he is not doing that good, reports are even indicating that West Ham have rejected to sign him. Its the end of the road for him.

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While at Schalke Julian Draxler was also linked to join Arsenal but then that never materialized since he went ahead and joined Wolfsburg where he has had one great season. Julian Draxler is set to join Arsenal this time round and if all goes perfectly okay without Wenger bottling this much anticipated transfer then it’s going to be a great season ahead. And I believe that Wenger is capable of transforming Julian into a top forward and he can be able to be a good goal scorer for Arsenal.
A combination of Julian Draxler, Mesut Ozil, Sanchez and Walcott upfront can be lethal to any defense in the premier league. But then we cannot rule out the Alvaro Morata transfer deal because its also on the table. Álvaro Morata is also one top striker who can just be that last piece to the puzzle.


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