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Why Arsenal’s Transfer Interest in Borussia Dortmund midfielder Henrik Mkihtaryan Could Be the Real deal

Henrik Mkihtaryan

Arsenal have been linked with a major players during this transfer season and among them Jamie Vardy has emerged to be the best forward player so far. But then since he us going for the EURO then decide on whether he will join Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund’s midfielder has showed up in the transfer list of Arsenal .Henrik Mkihtaryan has been targeted by many England clubs but Arsenal seem to be the only real deal so far. Reports have indicated that Henrik Mkihtaryan refused a new contract offer and this has put Borussia on Red alert for a good while now.


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During the entire of last season Henrik Mkihtaryan had a good campaign. Reports indicate that he scored a total of 11 goals, he also made 2o good assists, and all this was achieved in a total of 31 Bundesliga appearances. This report from the Arsenal scouts was presented to Wenger and since then he has been gunning for the signature of this top flight player. Actually, the prospect of him playing at the Emirates for Arsenal is one exciting thought. And since he has been playing for a long time now for Borussia Dortmund its time he looked for other clubs.
He’s supposed to want a $90k per week salary which is one salary that Arsenal will easily afford and will happily pay him. But as this transfer stands Arsenal is facing stiff competition from the Italian giants Juventus who are also looking for the signature of this player. But then the battle may settle if Juventus agree to release Alvaro Morata to Arsenal then Henrikh Mkitaryan can join Juventus. Or just sign Henrikh Mkitaryan and leave Alvaro Morata. Either options is awesome for Arsenal. Note that if Jamie Vardy decides to stay at Leicester City it will another sage and that will make Arsenal prioritize getting Morata over Mkihtaryan

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There have been emerging reports that Borussia Dortmund are looking to resurface new interest in offering Henrikh another fresh contract but this would do more harm than good to the club. This is because when you force a player to stay at the club while he is eyeing another club may cause him to play dismally, but that’s just an opinion. Dortmund have been losing top players in the recent seasons, they let Matt Hummel’s and Ikay Gundogan leave and they may want Henrikh now not to leave.
Arsenal on the other hand has been signing great players; Ozil, Sanchez, Cech and now Granit they have been great in boosting the club. An addition of Henrikh Mkihtaryan will really advance the clubs midfield power capabilities. And also if they go ahead and sign both Jamie Vardy and Mkihtaryan then they would be setting up a club that will be gunning for nothing else but just the English Premier League and of course the prestigious Champions League title. It’s for this reason that this transfer looks to be one real deal.
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