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5 Top Strikers In Arsenal Transfer Speculation list – Wenger Back Up Plan

Arsenal Transfer speculation

Back to the drawing board it is! The EURO is not yet over but then this Arsenal transfer speculation that Jamie Vardy is expected to join Arsenal is slowing losing its momentum. Many people are even saying that soon Arsene Wenger may not be able to complete this transfer deal .If Arsene will not be able to complete this transfer deal then the big question will be which options are Arsenal lining up ?This post will discuss the top five options that Wenger may sign if Jamie Vardy will not join Arsenal.

1. Alvaro Morata

The future of this player has been on air for a long while now and even though Real Madrid are looking into buying him back he is set to join Arsenal. Alvaro Morata is a strong candidate and he will help Arsenal in various ways. The Arsenal transfer speculation will be over soon, but then if Jamie Vardy is not signed up then Alvaro Morata will be. If you missed the full report on Alvaro Morata check it out here.

2. Mitchy Batshuayi

This top forward player has been for a long while now been the face of Marseille despite their different financial problems, this player managed to score 24 to goals. And with the financial problems going on therefore Marseille may look into selling him.With his budding energy and great talent this forward is expected to join Arsenal and maybe try saving the sinking forward front line at Arsenal.

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He has been likened to the English football maestro Didier Drogba who combines technical ability with good instincts especially in front of goal. He is a great player who will be able to frighten the defenders and get past them with great skill.Tottenham and Chelsea are now already in bed looking for a way to complete this signing ,Arsenal just jumped into the race late , let’s just hope that Wenger has got in him to be able to complete this transfer.

3. Alexandre Lacazette

He is a Top French player and it’s like Wenger prefers to sign most of his top strikers from his home country. Alexandre has also appeared in the Arsenal transfer speculation watch for three seasons now and in those three he has been able to score 63 goals in the Ligue 1 division. That alone makes him one of the most clinical and deadliest strikers of all time.

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The question is Lacazette despite being in the Arsenal transfer speculation he has not yet to find a way into a bigger club. He has a chance to get out of Lyon this summer and with West Ham being the only other team that wants to sign him, he may sign for Arsenal because he will be offered Champions League football.

4. Vincent Jansen

Some fortnight ago I wrote about this Arsenal transfer speculation but then it has since tanked and gone under the transfer watch. Surprisingly, the deal is still on and since Vincent Jansen has emerged in this list he is a top priority for Arsenal if the Leicester goal machine will not sign for Arsenal.

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Just at 22 years of age he has been able to display great talent amongst a majority of his peers. He has scored in the internationals and he seems likely to a greater future professionally. Looking at Arsenal they need him more than any other club in England. Tottenham had wanted to sign him but the deal did not materialize.

5. Javier Hernandez

The former Manchester United striker is still a house hold name in England, his time in the lime light is not yet over. After arriving at Bayern Leverkusen last season he has been able to shine and shown his real worth. Best known as a good goal poacher he may prove to be a good player for Arsenal.Last season he was capable to score 26 good goals this did display him as a lethal striker and if he may return to England side he may get full play time.


In the Arsenal transfer speculation that’s It from me today’

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