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Top Lessons Learn From The Turgid and lifeless Draw at the Stadium of Light

Arsenal vs Sunderland

Its now normal talk that Arsenal are going to be trophy less this season and that is not a good thing to any Arsenal fan.The season has been long and had fought with a couple of injuries here and there but here we are.Arsenal have let themselves down not once in this season’s campaign and this last fixture against just topped the list of how exactly Arsenal have lost it. If you have been watching Arsenal play then you sure as hell have seen those incidences where Ozil has lost confidence in Giroud.A striker that Wenger so much trust to lead our front line.Time and again fans have cried out loud that something needs to be done,but nothing has been done.Banners have been posted saying that its time Wenger gave someone else to lead the gunners,but still Wenger seems to be calm and will be in position come next season.So help us God that we do not finish 5th this season(it seems likely).

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Coming the important stuff, the previous match showed us that there are thing that Arsenal have lost and really need to work on fast enough.The fans were bored to tears(can you believe that) and that not withstanding the game ended in 0-0 draw that was indeed lifeless.Someone may say that the game spirit is slowly and surely fading away.Personally, before even the game began i thought that Sunderland were the better side and since they were also defensively very sound i knew that if Arsenal made any stupid mistake then they could be punished there and then,thank the good lord that most of the punishment was not made.And the game ended at a lifeless draw.

Let me show you what we learnt and talk about what Wenger needs to do

  1. Welbeck and Giroud are both badly out of form

Giroud has not managed to impress any of us fans out here that he is credible enough to lead the lads.He has in the previous games been benched a lot more times and after Wenger brought him back up again against Westbrom he still did not show any signs of a improvement.He simply did not impress anyone,not even himself.Despite that fact Wenger chose Giroud to start ahead of Welbeck in the Sunderland game although that may make some perfect sense,we need to win.Welbeck may be lest to rest just a little bit so that by next season he will be fine.But on the short-term Wenger needs to start relying on Welbeck .

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2. Mike Dean is indeed rubbish

Another fan said this and am going to say it again he indeed is.This should not be even close to here because this is not something we learnt on Sunday or this season but its something that we have seen before and we are familiar with him.But then its always worth our while mentioning it.Who did not see penalties that he ignored and the dives that he did not do something about.He just ruins the match by taking all the attention.

3. Giroud cares more about assisting rather than scoring

Where did the confidence go? Giroud was once the top scorer in the France league,and that is what earned him the first team position in the Arsenal. Wenger also always seems to get it right when he signs his fellow countrymen except this time.Giroud has flopped and knackered into bizarre dom he has completely lost his confidence.With lack of confidence then the top scorer we knew is rendered not any better than a defending mid fielder.

Strikers do not get into the box and look for team mates they shot and aim the ball directly past the goal keepers.Only and only if its necessary then they will have to look for a team mate.But what Giroud has been doing not only against Sunderland but almost the entire season.In the second if you did see the game very well he did look for a teammate.This actually explains why he has not been able to score in 14 premier league games, but still has the balls to ask the bench why he is being taken off the field. He is simply not productive enough in front of goal.

That’s it from me’

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