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Henrik Mkhitaryan Top’s Arsenal Transfer List This Summer


The Armenian captain and Borusia Dortmund midfielder,Henrik Mkhitaryan, has been a top transfer target for Arsenal for quite a long time and this summer he still tops the list for the top signings that Arsenal targets.This top play-maker has been in great form and most premier league clubs are looking into signing him.The Armenian captain would have joined Liverpool but he chose to join the German side.However, he has been very keen on England football and now its time that he wants to join a  top English Club.Both Arsenal and Chelsea are looking into signing him.

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Arsenal and Chelsea  have both struggled to impress the fans with their forgettable performances in this seasons campaigns.Chelsea have gone even further and had to fire their manager just so that they could get their game back on top.But little has been impressive from their side.Arsenal too have really struggled to win against small premier league clubs but the injuries that have weighed in have ensured no winning streaks.Lifeless draws have reigned in the Arsenal season, once seen has title contenders they have now gone into oblivion.Arsenal are currently at position four and struggling to get into the Champions league.

Between Chelsea and Arsenal, the gunners seem to be the favorite to be able to seal a deal with the Borusia play-maker.This is because they may be able to provide him with Champions league football.Most players who come into the premier league always look into getting champions league football this is something that has been there for a while now.And if Arsenal are to sign him up then he will prove to be an important asset come champions league next season.Remember, Chelsea are willing to spend big in the premier league that means if they will splash cash they maybe able to sign him too.Money over Champions league football?

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The bundesliga heavyweights are fearing that they may lose this top attacking midfielder who also is a great play-maker.Mkhitaryan has only one year left in his contract that makes it even better for the England sides because the buying clause will be slightly lower.Looking back he joined Borussia Dortmund from Shakthar Donetsk because Borusia could offer him Champions league football which Liverpool could not.And if that is to be relied on then Arsenal look the favorite side that will get his sign before end if the summer.

Borussia are yet to offer him a contract extension if they extend his contract then the deals will be off the table.But if they do not considering Mkhitaryan wants to join and English side then he may join Arsenal.If the signing is to go through Wenger should be ready for it.This season will go down as one that had a lot of early promises that saw Arsenal be seen as title contenders but then after being knocked off the FA cup they look forward to ending the season trophy less.That is really sad.Many fans are calling for the exit of Wenger but the Arsenal’s board is not ready to listen to the fans cries.

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  1. mkhitaryan is good midfielder but i think he will give enough competition to the likes of ramsey and ozil. arsenal will be well covered in the midfield.

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