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Its Time The Arsenal Board Hearkened To The Fans’ Cries

Gooner Park

Two losses. Two in a row ain’t good at all to any Coach. This season Wenger has seen the best of his team but more importantly he has also seen the other side of the players. It wasn’t good at all that Arsenal lost to a side that we could have easily drawn with. Barcelona, said to be the best team in the world beat us hands down. Manchester United came out of nowhere and also did the same to us. We lost two critical games this season, which could have determined our good season so far so good. All hopes of winning the English Premier League are almost lost. And if we lose just one other game, we will be out and will be riddled as the usual Arsenal. Gooner Park reports that a lot is at stake and if anything is to help us we need, to work harder than before.

Gooner Park got reports that Wenger has been calling for solidarity among the players and fans at large. He responded well to people who were criticizing him after the loss to Manchester United on Sunday. There are 11 matches that are remaining and Leicester City is still going strong. Leicester are at the top and points ahead of the Gunners but it’s time the players stepped up. Winning the premier league has been known to be won by the squad that concedes the least number of matches. And the squad that is able to minimize the injuries and hence have a higher win-to-draw ratio. Achieving that is never easy and since now we are here Arsenal can only try and better the situation.


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Wenger’s Message and Its Importance

Wenger has again insisted that players need to remain focused on solidarity especially since the restless fans have been reacting excessively. Wenger told the players not to become emotional especially after the loss to Manchester United but they should be focused. Motivation . There are chances for Arsenal to transform the negatives into positives and be able to create and even solidarity arsenal side.Wenger also said that the premier league is usually tight. And any team can drop points therefore it only counts if the players remain focuses and fan grow in solidarity with the team till the end.

On winning the Premier League and Staying Motivated

It’s since 2004 and the premier league title has not been won by Arsenal but it has been won at the Emirates. The team has been in good spirit and the form has been nothing less than fantastic it is for this reason that there is still a snow ball’s chance in hell for us to win the league. Players need to pay little attention to what other people say and instead remain focused on playing the game.

On The Transfer Window

The Arsenal board is to give Wenger a $75 million amount to use in bolstering the weak backline and boost the defense. Even though many people have been debating on Wenger position and speculating on his future. The board has been in total support of Wenger. The two defeats that have grossed the Arsenal big scheme of things, it has caused a number of people to doubt Wenger and hence extensive debate on him.


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The Loosing streak

We are performing really badly at the moment.Our strikers are not delivering at all.Giroud has not scored for 10 games now.Sanchez has not scored a single premier league game since last year(blame his injury).Walcot has only 3 goals in almost 19 matches.The results and statistics are a bitter pill to any a Arsenal fan.What is the way forward?My answer to that is the board despite its strong support for Wenger it time ,they considered letting in fresh blood.There was an Arsenal before him and there sure will be another after him.Therefore they really need to consider that and its time the board heard Arsenal fans Cries.

The sooner is always the better option.

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