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Its Time For New leadership; Diego Simeone!

Arsenal eyeing to sign Diego Simeone

Its been a while indeed ,Arsenal have under-performed in the the main leagues.We were kidded out of both leagues in ways which were not pleasant to anyone at all.But then it time to pick up speed and think about what we want and what is left for us.Leicester has been steady for most parts of this season and despite Arsenal beating them on both matches they still are going stronger and stronger after every weekend.Some may say that they do not have the pressure that comes with playing in the Champions League, but the fact is this club lead by Claudio Ranieri has over achieved and it will surprise everybody.This season looked a Arsenal one in most aspects but despite the dismal performances of Chelsea ,Liverpool and Manchester City ,Arsenal has not done any good impact.Well, there are seven matches to be played and if Arsenal is still to win the premier league then pray hard that they lose four matches.

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That being said there is a lot that is going on concerning Arsenal. But before going to that while i was away Arsenal lost to Barcelona that prompted to write the blog post on why its time that the Arsenal board should hearken to the fans cries. Arsenal also lost to Watford and that kicked Arsenal off the F.A title race and that prompted the blog post on the main reasons that will cause Arsenal not to win the title ,this post was live before the game and all the results showed exactly what i was talking about. But then the board has not hearkened to the fans cries and there being alot of reasons why its time Wenger got sacked. Elneny however, scored against Barcelona and he has scored some few decent goals and apart from that he is a proven center midfielder.My question is why didn’t Wenger sign him earlier?Maybe he could have helped us win this title .A few will say better late than never ,but still we have a pretty long way to go.

Below are the top new stories ;

  1. Iwobi New Deal

Yes , he is a proven striker too, he scored in his premier league debut and that has brought him good Iwobi first signed for Arsenal in May 2014 and his contract expired sometime late last year.He was however awarded a six month extension. His efforts have eventually born fruit and he is on the front line once again.Iwobi signed a $10,000 salary deal per work which was up and above 1000% of what he used to earn previously. The 19 year old is set for a bright future at the Emirates.

2.  Two Coaches eyed by Arsenal

Cries cries cries.Its time the board did something.Just the other day a wise member of the Arsenal family said that an Arsenal was there before Wenger and there will be an Arsenal after Wenger. Its time new energy came into the coaching position.The players need to be psyched up by a different kind of energy. Wenger has done good,he has been with Arsenal for a good while.In that time we have won the title but a ten year title drought is on us and its time we shed off little baggage.

The board is considering signing Manuel Pellegrini as the next replacement or Diego Simeone.The outgoing Manchester City coach is a proven tactician and if he replaces Wenger then good things are bound to happen. Diego is also a good manager ,he ha  helped Atletico Madrid make history and if he can be signed then he can make a better history at the Emirates.


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