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What You Need To know About Arsenal –Barcelona CL Clash.

Arsenal clash against Barcelona

The Arsenal Champions League clash against Barcelona tomorrow will be one in which Arsenal have to come up and outperform Barcelona(it’s possible).Do you think Arsenal can go ahead and out-perform the proven Catalans?Tell me your answer in the comment box.


Time,and time again Arsenal have always been drawn with big teams during this stage of the Champions League and beating Barcelona will be the task that Arsene Wenger will have to get ready.


The Daily Mail reported that if there is a chance for Arsenal to go ahead and win in this clash, then they should look for a way to silence Suarez.He has been sparkling his performance has been top notch.He has been doing great.But that alone will not guarantee Arsenal a win.


Football is a teamwork thing, and thus, the coordination from Cech ,to Mertesacker(ifWenger will allow him to play), to Elneny and Ozil, Cazorla and finally, Giroud they all need to give their best, if a result is to be got from the clash tomorrow.

In order, for him to tame the top three in a match that will determine Arsenal’s Champions League fate this campaign, he has been doing his homework pretty well.Barcelona has now gone 32 matches unbeaten and if you remember, just the other day Messi delivered a great penalty, and if that’s the type of play that he will be doing his thing then people Cech should get ready.


On Saturday Arsenal suffered a goalless draw against Hull City in the FA Cup tie, that was really frustrating but thing is the Hull City keeper had put up a great show and all credit is given.The clash on Tuesday will only need the Arsenal players to perform very well and go ahead and win that match.
People, say Barcelona score for fun while Arsenal players do not especially after failing to grab one during the Saturday clash.And as tomorrow Arsenal will be going into a match against a side that humbled them during the 2006 champions league clash, makes them look like underdogs.We are just hoping all will go on just fine, and we won’t concede a goal.


The Saturday clash added another game for Arsenal, which will be played on March, that’s Hectic, and if tomorrow does not go well, then another trip to the Nou Camp will be on schedule too.But if Arsenal loses tomorrow then it will somehow ease the pressure during the match because the champions league campaign will be put to bed finally.And hope for a better one next season, if Arsenal wins the Premier League.


Tomorrow will be difficult but coming in a time when we need to prove all people that Arsenal is still doing fine even though our statistics betray us.If we get a win lets, say if Arsenal manages to hold Suarez and Messi and the great Neymar Jr, and secure a 1-0 then Arsenal will have done well.


Tuesday night football it is, and I wish Arsenal the best in the game, and if Arsenal wins that clash, then a new dawn of London football will be born.Let all Gooner park lovers pray hard that it does.

That’s all for today.
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