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Top Reasons Why it’s Time Arsenal Sacked Wenger

Its time Wenger got sacked

The title getting away from our very grip is what is going to happen here, and there are top reasons why it’s indeed time Arsenal sacked Wenger. Our league campaign started off in a good way;win-wins helped stay on top for a good time only now that we are losing and drawing matches consistently.We dropped points during the Arsenal clash with the Saints, and that took us off to position four exactly 5 points below, Leicester City, who are currently in first place.Most of this half of the season or let’s just say most of the 2016 campaign has been marked with many draws than wins. And it’s just the other day I was saying that Arsenal is losing some vital goals, some of the goals missed were very easy ones, and that speaks volumes of the type of training or form of play we have.It’s only poor performance that gets managers sacked and if Arsenal is still to win the so coveted Premier League Title and finish top then it’s time Wenger got sacked and here are the reasons why.

  1. Poor Performance-Report

Since 2016 began we have never won a consecutively, we have drawn three times, lost to Chelsea (which was very hard to swallow even though we all know what Diego Costa did), and we have only won two matches since January.And the only game we have played after the transfer window is against Southampton only to drop points right there.If the statistics are anything to go by then, we have a hard season ahead of us indeed and sooner or later we will only be fighting for our usual top four spots.If this time we are still fighting for top four then it’s time Wenger got sacked.


W EFC 09-01-2016 Arsenal 3 : 1 Sunderland
D EPL 13-01-2016 Liverpool 3 : 3 Arsenal
D EPL 17-01-2016 Stoke 0 : 0 Arsenal
L EPL 24-01-2016 Arsenal 0 : 1 Chelsea
W EFC 30-01-2016 Arsenal 2 : 1 Burnley
D EPL 02-02-2016 Arsenal 0 : 0 Southampton

2. We Need Strikers But Wenger is not signing any.- Report

Look the transfer window is now over yet we haven’t healed our wounds or for lack of a better word we are still the same place we were just before the transfer window, only that this time Southampton drew us instead of us winning that game.Most people will agree with me that we currently have our strongest squad, but we still lack what we need to win the Barclays Premier League, we need strikers.We are only signing midfielders, and there are no improvements to our upfront, and sooner or later this will make us regret not having spent in the transfer window. Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott have been leading the pack since the title campaign began, but they have not significantly assured us of more goals that will help us win the Premier League.And if Wenger of all the people at the Emirates is not seeing that, then it’s  time Wenger got sacked and Arsenal should reconsider giving him a contract extension.

3. Wenger Lame Excuses Instead of Buying Class

Every season or every game that we lose Wenger never fails to give his same old excuses to fans.If for instance you can remember very well Wenger has been quoted to have said that there are no world class players to be signed.Someone will only translate that too, Wenger is not willing to sign any new top player and is not even prepared to sign class instead he is comfortable to keep going on with the same squad and when there are no results to show for it, he will be blaming everyone around. Season after season we have been linked with top player after top player, we could have gone for Cavani or Karim Benzema or Alvaro Morata even just to mention a few of the top players who are of class. Wenger is not willing to work on the budget that he is usually given and until that happen which may never happen if he remains manager we will still be the same Arsenal fighting for top four spots.

4. Wenger isn’t Bigger Than Arsenal, and He is Replaceable

Remember back then long time before Ozil and Sanchez knew they would one day play for Arsenal, he left because he couldn’t settle for position two and hence left for Barcelona where he won games and won even more other games against Arsenal.One thing he left the sinking Arsenal ship and went for number one at FC Barcelona. If you want proven winners, then Pep Guardiola or Carlo Ancelotti are, and they have all done very well at different clubs and they all have at one point in their career been replaced. Someone may say that Wenger is like Alex Furguson to Manchester United, but you cannot compare Arsenal with Manchester United, because how we play is entirely different to their form of the game.If he is replaceable then it’s time Wenger got sacked!

5. The Next Five Fixtures

The last reason why its time Wenger got sacked goes this way.Ozil, as usual, created some chances during the Arsenal game against Southampton, but there was no one to ensure the goals.And in the next five games if we are not winning then our season will almost be figured out very well, and if things go south, then Arsenal should indeed just look for a proven winner. The journey starts this weekend with a trip to AFC Bournemouth before the Valentines day clash with Leicester City.After that, there will be a two-week break to allow for the FA Cup and Champions League from there the Gunners will visit Manchester United before a home tie against Swansea.Following the Swansea game, there will be a tie at the White Hart Lane.

The Leicester City and Manchester United game will be vital as we will be looking at chances to claw in on Leicester and stay clear off fifth place Manchester United.Spurs are one of the form teams in the league but if Arsenal can win there, not only would they re-establish themselves in the title race but could also derail Spurs’ season too.Precisely, if heaven hearkens to Arsenal in the next five games, then that will mean 15 points which will go a long way in deciding our season.If we wouldn’t be on top after the next five games, then it’s time Wenger got sacked.

Over  to you what do you think Arsenal should do if we are not top of the table mid may?

That’s it for today.

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