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Top Things That Will Stop Arsenal From Winning The BPL.

top things stopping Arsenal winning BPL

It’s Wednesday, and the transfer is still buzzing with news coming in and out right from Real Madrid who are faced with a transfer ban even though they are appealing for it to be lifted they may not sign anyone this January.Arsenal is still weighing options on who to sign and who not to sign , Arsenal news today reported that Arsenal has handed Wenger a £70 million which is to be used in signing an exceptional player.The latest development in the Arsenal news today may well be a story which may develop and give us what we want a signing per say!If that wouldn’t happen then have a look on the things that will stop Arsenal from winning the BPL after 12 years.

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Talking of Arsenal news today, there are some options in which Wenger could spend on and bring back glory to those fans who deserve. Wenger has only paid 7 million n the transfer window where we saw the signing of Elneny from FC Basel.Besides, Wenger also was quoted to have said that he is always open to exceptional cases, and if his words are something to go for and believe then we should be seeing some top player, at least, one coming into the club before deadline day.


A good signing indeed, but that only goes a long way in trying to say that Wenger should play very close attention to the critical areas that he needs to address. If I were Wenger, I would strongly prefer strengthening my striking positions, because as they say first things first, since that is the only area where we very much need to be addressed.With that amount of money then it would not be hardball trying to convince Aubameyang to land his signing.Alvaro Morata maybe our best bet after Aubameyang reportedly said he is not willing to join Arsenal.

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Aubameyang has been terrific this season, and he has had 24 goals from 23 fixtures such kind of performance is lethal and is what we need.Look here remember the time that Wenger splashed some money he signed superb players who have never let us down.I think you are all fully aware of how good, Ozil has been to us this season with his assists we have tried to make a real title campaign.Sanchez, who is now coming back into full first team action, was the flag bearer last season.That leaves with one thing to say that if Wenger needs to spend the 70 million wisely, he should consider signing a top player who will combine with the best that we have and help us win the title this season.And if that wouldn’t happen then our title run could be derailed just before it took off!

The Bundesliga side is willing to release Aubameyang, a leader of men, for an overwhelming £53.4m.If Wenger coughs that up then we could be talking about having a top striker by us and a title race that we can win at least.Keep in mind that after our loss to Chelsea on Sunday our options of winning the title race dropped from 43% down to 25% which shows that if something is not done soon enough, then we will not make it to the top of the table by mid may.

Top things stopping Arsenal from winning the BPL Title After 12 years.

1.Missing of easy chances

Arsenal has managed to score 25 goals of all the big opportunities that we have had.We have had a share of 67 goals which could have been easily scored, but only 25 of them saw the back of the net.(A “big chance” is a scoring opportunity with a high-probability of a goal.)That only means that with the easy chances that we have had so far we have lost most of them.Almost lost more than half the numbers that we could have scored.

2.  About Mesut and Failure of getting him involvedTop things that will stop Arsenal from winning the BPL

Ozil leads the top five European leagues having 16 assists this season and 87 of the chances that he has created so far this season.However, if you have been following our games carefully then you would also realise that we have been doing badly when we do not involve him.

3. Relying To much on Cech

Cech has been the best asset after the midfield sensation Sanchez and Ozil, and he has helped save some goals this season.He ranks; First with a save percentage of 80.4, he is also the first with ten clean sheets, and he has saved at least 78 times among all those goalkeepers in the Premier League this season.He is over-relied on, and if something goes south then, our title options could be derailed.

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Therefore, going forward, Arsenal can pick up the pace in the transfer season and get the 9 points in the next three fixtures.First we are meeting Southhampton at home, Bournemouth on road and Leicester City at home.If we get the 9 points which we are most likely to win then, we will behave regained our title challenge options.Finally, there are two solutions to our goal problem we either sign a new player or start creating more chances and get more goals.There are the top things that will stop Arsenal from winning the BPL!

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