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Arsenal transfer update;Alvaro Morata To Arsenal and Flamini’s Broken History

Arsenal transfer update
  1. Alvaro Morata Name Showing up in latest Arsenal Transfer Update

In Gooners news today, there is an Arsenal transfer update in which there is a bid that has been made to bring in Alvaro Morata from Juventus.Alvaro Morata has been in and out of play in this entire season and hence the speculations that have been going on concerning his future at Juventus. Arsenal previously wanted him to sign up just before Juventus snatched him from Real Madrid.My question is will this be the solution to Arsenal woes this season?Ensure to checkup the latest Arsenal transfer update.

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Talking of Arsenal woes, we all saw the Sunday game we were punished by Chelsea after Per was sent off the field.The reaction itself by the fans as per was sent off the pitch just confirmed that the game wasn’t in any way going to turn out our way.We tried our level best in cutting out, at least, a point for the game, but that did not happen either.Most Arsenal fans were left disappointed by the game on Sunday against Chelsea.

Coming to think of it Costa cost us a hell lot this season.Even though he has now sent off two players, I believe you all remember the first leg match against Chelsea, Costa also sent Paulista off the field, he is smart, and all this Chelsea win should be all just because of his antics.

Left with ten men in the field we had a big mountain to climb, and we tried our level best even though we did not maximize most of the opportunities that we had we made some impact which is our business.Our performance was good the problem was with finishing, a few runs and shots from both Sanchez, who came in later on did not seem to bear any fruit. Wenger left the field a sad man, but he was content that we played our best.


2.Flamini’s History Came To And EndArsenal Latest transfer Update

About Flamini, as they say, every dog has its day well it was his day. Flamini has never lost a match at the Emirates but history was made when he lost the game even though he tried placing some shots straight on goal, they seemed not to get on target. Flamini caused an uproar on Twitter many people were against his performance throughout the game.Even though he cannot perform or bring out the Messi runs in the field his performance was adequately fine.

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We clearly need Coquelin to get back which cannot seem to be soon enough this is because, Fabregas, for instance, had an easy time making runs in the central midfield his return to the Emirates proved to be pretty much well.Despite the fact, Fabregas was being supported by two defending midfielders he clearly outclassed the Arsenal central midfield.If Coquelin would have been present, then those runs could have been avoided and him breaking out in our half could have easily been stopped.Someone may say that Ramsey and Ozil can maintain the midfield that may be true, but full defending midfielder need to be brought in.I hope another arsenal transfer update will be released indicating  that a defending midfielder is being linked to Arsenal.

It was a big shame to put all that energy into that game and come out without a point to show for.Let’s hope a player will be signed soon.And again stay updated for the next Arsenal transfer update before deadline day.

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