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Can Walcott Deliver ?

Well,yes its Saturday again and alot is going on in the Arsenal front from Sanogo performing dismally away on loan to home Wenger saying he got it right this time by not signing any center forward.Walcott is our main front man can he deliver.

At Arsenal, there is always one question asked most especially when we are approaching a transfer window and the question is “Wenger,will you sign a striker? And the story develops , goes on main characters being journalists in the heated debate on why Wenger should sign a central striker .Its almost eight weeks down the line ,Wenger thinks the squad is doing great,but is it true.What do you think ?

So far Wenger can say that he has achieved a little success with his gamble of not signing a striker during the Summer. Remember,all summer the romour went that Karim Benzema was to be signed until the deadline day(that transfer seemed likely though methinks that it was to be completed but something came ,something always does.)but it didn’t see the light of day.

Currently, at Arsenal Wenger is heaping alot of praise on Walcott for his great performances in front of ball and great runs that make him a great Centre forward.But that is just that ,looking back in previous seasons this that time in the season when Walcott always gets his injury and we are left with our “out of form ” Giroud and injured Welbeck as back up.

That being said its still early for Wenger to say that Walcott has delivered exactly what he wanted him to deliver. Wenger says that it is important for him to have believed in his players that they would perform well,as is the case of Walcott.

This Wenger praises make me ask one question really,can Walcott win us any major thing this season?

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