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Walcott or Giroud ?Yes!both.

The game that was!

Yes!Arsenal are back into winning ways ,that’s something we all wanted isn’t it? The win against Stoke was a stepping stone that revived all hopes for something better ahead. But there is a little more that still needs to be attended and improved. There is nothing more fun than going into a game with hope of winning. I had asked earlier on Gooner Park’s facebook page about the expected results after the game. I was really excited that most funs responded with a winning attitude. Yes a win .That’s the Arsenal I know about. That winning spirit running down from players and right through most fans.

Now we can try saying that the  part where our club started poorly to the season is over. We are currently in position four after five matches played that that bad for us considering the fact that we didn’t sign any striker during the  summer transfer window. That not signing a striker got me wondering really how will Wenger get it right this season with the same outfield players again for another season,without repeating the same trend of performance from last season .Somebody will tell me that he is the professor , he is the only manager in the entire Arsenal history who understands the squad better than any other manager . Sentimental pasts like that time when Arsenal were beaten hands down by Manchester United(which is currently in position three ahead of us by only a goal).Such memories sometimes tend not to leave our minds. Especially with the creation of video clips by thrilled youtubers make it hard for such occasions to be erased completely for some of us passion filled supporters.

Walcott or Giroud or both?


I was watching the game and I must say I  was impressed. Alot had been said about Giroud’s form ,especially after his terrible show during their France international game. Giroud was substituted at halftime during that game and was booed by his own home fans for missing a couple of chances in front of goal. But that was then ,his game against Stoke City was spot on ,he scored. Giroud scored! That was not only great but it can only be best described as being impressive show and something to prove to his loyal fans, that he still got what it takes.

Wait did you see Walcott’s goal?

Walcott received a good through pass though from Arsenal’s half from Ozil it set him clear. Walcott’s pace is indeed what Arsenal have been lacking all this while . Brilliant runs such as those are key to Arsenal scoring goals. Did you know that was Walcott’s first premier league goal of the season , i wish him the best ,with him our season looks brighter. Expectations are still very high this season ,am expecting a thrilling season ahead .

The 85th minute set piece free kick from Cazorla was headed straight well home by Giroud and thus handed Arsenal a clean 3rd win from five league matches. Helping to stay behind Manchester United by only a goal.

From that we can only see that Giroud is exteading them in .That’s the Giroud ,Wenger needs to play and make a top scorer(though its easier said than done) out of him .If Wenger could drop Ramsey and start both Walcott and Giroud upfront with Giroud at the center and Sanchez  on the right then Giroud’s pattern could be complete .Yes him on the left side then Giroud at the center ,we could form a great attacking force.

Am pretty sure you all agree ,but its only fare if  you tell me what you think ? On Wednesday our champions league campaign is starting with a game against Dinamo Zagreb , guess Wenger should consider starting the three upfront and allow both pace and stamina be the main attacking plan during that game. With such an attacking strategy it goes without say that Giroud will score a header and grab us a win .What do you think?

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