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The Dawn of a New London Rivalry: The Main Things We learnt From THE ARSENAL LOSE TO CHELSEA

A new London rivalry indeed.A loss yes we lost the game but did Mike Dean get it all wrong? You tell me .Such games should be handled with more prejudice than what was shown today. Arsenal handed Chelsea their first league win this season which to all Chelsea fans is something to celebrate and actually jeer the great Arsenal fans for. I must say the game was mainly one sided with Chelsea developing their attack better than they have done since the premier league campaign began. Arsenal were not bad as such but was that our best in times of lots pressure.

Let’s get to know the main things   we learnt from the game today:

1.Costa brings the worst in players.

He really made Paulista erupt inside and blow outside, he actually wanted to beat Costa up after the red card .Watching the game today especially that occasion where Costa actually slapped Koscienly who didn’t react not. That is maturity, from Koscienly part. Costa was desperate to score a goal today ,that didn’t happen ,he was trying to win a penalty but that also didn’t happen for a striker such as him that kind of occurrence make him lose a hell lot of his confidence in front of goal. Really how can a striker such as him slap a fellow player on the face .That’s very inappropriate of him by all standards.

2.Arsenal must avoid fouls

It’s very hard to avoid fouls such as the ones we saw today ,chances that they would not occur is almost zero .So the best thing to do is to avoid the reaction after they have occurred .For instance, today Costa fouled Koscienly but Gabriel went to calm down the situation and it all backfired on him. The worst came went they didn’t stop eventually the back heel from Gabriel handed him his first premier league red card .Such stuff must and should be avoided at all costs. Even though he went over board there, Paulista is highly recommended to be a perfect centre defender. He has been a pillar in the backline.

3.Arsenal attack is improving

Let’s just forget the lose that met us, for a moment and just say our attacking is improving in some way Walcott  starting  upfront is slowly getting us results ,though we are yet to see the better part of him, but it’s all a matter of time, right ? He applied pressure on the Chelsea’s defenders even though he wasn’t able to squeeze in a goal from that game. If Wenger could use him more often upfront then a consistent good result may be seen. Oxlade, should also be accommodated in the first team for full results especially now that Cazorla is out.

4.Coquelin Injury makes Gunners Sweat

Wenger chose Chambers today to come in for Coquelin .We all know Le Coq is good .Last season especially he was spot on in his center defending position, he helped us a great deal in terms of protecting the defense that’s the part where he excels Chambers is more developed to defend .But todays gamble was vital letting Coq warm the bench a little bit and change the formation after Gabriela was sent off. Le Coq exit made the midfield shaky and the result was evident. January another good central defender should be signed in order to help us when such incidences occur.

We have now have lost two games in a row after losing to Zagreb in the UEFA and now to Chelsea despite the two red cards. Wenger needs a change of tactic. He needs to sample out players that are costing us goals and get valuable players on board.
In the next game we just have to win inorder to revive our title options, but that still solely remains on how Wenger will approach that game. Now that Cazorla and Gabriel will not be available. It all comes down to our next move and approach.

Approach is key in our next fixture.

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