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Reality check for Giroud after poor performance against Serbia and Walcott be the Arsenal’s main striker

Hello gooners out there

We talking sport ,we talking football .Arsenal football. Arsenal is world.Our striking power has been the main point of concern. The start of the season has been hampered by the lack of goals . Alot has been said about our season . I personally have indicated that if a change is not made then we destined for a real shocker . Our attack is the main problem .And the problem is big. Arsene has  been quite on his opinion rarely shedding light on his main transfer target come January ,but that will  be left till then. The question we should be asking ourselves mainly is how are we going to have a better season ?

    It’s time for a reality check for Giroud
Olivier Giroud the main striker at Arsenal has been damaged. Not physically but psychologically ,the main man has lost confidence in himself . Giroud read the whole transfer news we wrote on Karim Benzema being linked to Arsenal and all the main reasons why Arsenal just need a new person to spearhead its attacking . I guess this has gone a long way in injuring Giroud as far as confidence is concerned. If you watched or attended Serbia’s game versus France Giroud was out of form completely ,he was given the starting position and went ahead of Benzema but he offered a little to assure us that he is the best man to be credited with the starting role of striking both at home and away,i mean both in france and at Arsenal.He missed several chances during that game and was jeered by his own France fans and fellow country people ,this prompted France coach Didier Deschamps to substitute him at half time and gave Benzema the chance . This has never happened with Arsene at Arsenal , he has never substituted him immediately at half time really. Or rather if he has am not aware of it. This trend or such a thing for a 28 year old striker actually damages his confidence. It breaks it down like glass fallen on the floor into a myriad of pieces. Goodness me i still think we need Benzema its hard to deal with a striker who has no confidence. What do you think?

                     On Walcott starting position as central striker

Reality check right , Walcott can as well make a good striker its not late what do you think?Walcott  has been key during the pre season he has scored a few goals .The quality of his runs is fantastic with the pace he has and he is a good finisher in front of goal .He can be transformed into real goal scorer and title-winning striker. For now he is actually our best bet for a good run before a striker is signed or not come the January transfer window since Welbeck will be out for almost six months .And we all know better than anyone else that we cannot place all our hope-eggs on the one basket that Giroud will be carrying . Noo! Its only with Walcott that we can be able to close in on Manchester City and get to a better position before its too late .

But I’ve always said that he’s a goalscorer, because he has the movement and the timing and speed of finishing, and if he gets in position well ahead of the rest he can score us crucial goals .I think if we are going to pick the moment as it is and get winning games then we need him in the starting position more often than the frenchman. Infact after Giroud’s dismaying performance on Monday then Wenger should be figuring out how to put Walcott in his long term plans as a main striker. We are not ruling out his support from the wing,because he has been spot on  also from that position ,but really how can he score goals  with Giroud being at the centre really ?Am saying that because ,Giroud may miss more chances than anyone knows . This begs the question is Wenger planning to start Walcott? If you were Wenger what would you do?

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