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Gooner Park Times: Can Arsenal go on and win the Premier league after a rather disappointing start and no new outfield player?

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 Its  been a pretty long week ,this week was.Finally  over ,indeed a break from the bustles of the week and all the work  that  always graces our  weeks,right?. At Gooner park ,its been all moody ,we all expected a massive  transfer signing just  before tuesday  evening but good gooners that didn’t exactly happen .What transpired at the Emirates was all quite just a normal  random Tuesday in the office ,that  was exactly the day that the transfer window was shut .Precisely, it was all normal at arsenal

Club legends  have been critical on there opinions towards Arsenal’s summer transfer window. It was a real shame indeed , we can’t try to deny the fact that  our squad is not up to  title contending point,we have not yet attained that degree of saying that  we can put a successful campaign ,because  really come to think of it season after season we have been contending .And all goes extremely well in the  first few months untill around mid winter when injuries set in and  thus impairing our moving forward strongly. I must point out clearly that this season was really our best shot ,at the very least i expected us to atleast get to position two ,but am not seeing any of that happening.Fans will tell you they have been there before , We have been there before, that lowest point at the Frustration was clear on many a Arsenal fan  who expected a change in our attack and atleast a boost of new skills to the squad.

d of the transfer window  when no outfield player has been signed into the club ,we still went through the same old story all over again this time round .

Club legends are always quick in pointing out issues in the squad.But unlike most of them Henry was quick to defend the Boss. While others are shunning him and even  criticizing  Le Prof ,  Henry  was  quick  to  point out  that  Arsene  Wenger  can still  put  a fight (not great though) for  the  EPL prize . He seems to really put faith on the  man who made him great after converting  him from  being a wide player into being a great central striker Henry owes  him lots.Am expecting to see the team’s progress and struggle to pick up form after a great preseason campaign which was ruined by West ham during the start of the season . Arsenal indeed as by now have not lived to the  billing .I expected the great form to be extended over to the season but there seems to be none of it at The Emirates. Arsenal have not yet won  a single game at home ,and having secured wins by only own goals then a change of tactic is what Wenger needs to really do,no shortcuts. By January we should have narrowed the five points in which Manchester City is ahead of us with and hopefully go ahead of them by more points than five.And not vice versa.What do you think?

Alex Oxlade looks brilliant  ,he seems to be promising .A little more ,than what he has offered us so far is what is required ,we want more ,we need more cause we deserve more .We deserve the  EPL this season  after spending time(seasons)  struggling for the UEFA spot its time for us to beat Manchester  city and  Chelsea (which although seems hopeless currently ) in there  own game. A player  like Walcott has been great in front  of goal for most of the games he has played so  far. He needs to be given more play time  in the  central striking role because he has shown  greater promise than  Giroud ,the  statistics  can back me up here on this. But the  question still remains can Arsene Wenger consider  starting Walcott instead of our  frenchman Giroud ? We all know Wenger’s answer but why can’t he stop being stubborn a little bit  and give players  like Walcott and Oxlade to combine well with Cazorla,Ozil and Sanchez in order  to stage an  attacking force that  is  steady and unwavering .Thats what we need precisely ,forget the Benzema and Cavani thing for now .We need to concentrate on what we have and  Arsene needs to get that straight too.

Looking forward to a season like no other and now that the transfer window is dead and gone i guess its time  we concentrate on what  is important and forget the  past cause its gone, we can start judging Wenger after our next game ,if we lose then ? Something urgent really needs to be done .My mind still begs the question  can Arsenal win the premier league?

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