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Gooner Park Times; The Arsenal Loan Watch,The Most Likely Signing and all the most recent Follow ups.

Arsenal beat Crystal Palace in a thoroughly entertaining spectacle on Sunday afternoon.With Giroud netting in the opening goal of the day the game was just going according to Wengers plan. An equalizer just before ,the break and an own goal from the other side sealed a win for the Gunners. The win actually kickstarted Arsenal’s premier league campaign .Am not going to dwell on Sunday’s game,it was one of its own. Lets get to know whats going on at The Emirates.
In behind the scenes alot has been on-going has been on-going. Various agents and managers have been gunning for,the best fees for their players, i recently wrote on an Arsenal bid ,which was earlier made on the signing of Mario Gotze,well according to reliable reports ,a fee clause of around 50 Euros has been demanded ,by Munich.
In the Arsenal bigger scheme of thing players on loan have been ,at their best form recently ,in our loan watch some players have  really been performing spectatularly. To be specific Chuba Akpom has scored two goals already down there at Hull City. Jon Toral who is currently shining brightly like a diamond at Birmingham City has in equal measure scored two goals. Just to be clear ,here our loan players are doing good. Real good. We hope that ,the great form continues and no injuries hinder their thrive.
For almost ,the whole of last week i have been posting guest posts mainly .Some featured the main players being linked to Arsenal , if you missed go check them out. Great news, great work going on out there. I believe a big signing is imminent. We have been linked with great players ,say in a scale of one to ten ,we have 9 in terms of just being linked and lining up players .But that also goes a long way in telling us that a world class player is being lined up and if nothing goes south then he will be signed. What do you think?
Arsenal ‘taking advantage of currency rates to seal Grzegorz Krychowiak transfer for £21.4m. A player who could be a little expensive and would have gone for around £26m ,around a year ago will be found at a cheaper price now,great news to Le Prof ,i think . That is a reasonable clause for us to sign the top Sevilla midfielder. The deal seems firm ,and as Wenger always prefers strengthening his midfield  compared to strengthening his upfront. My predictions remain firm,this player may well be the only signing Wenger is going to make. What do you think? Okay wait just before you decide ,he is a recognised defending midfielder and his game play is up to standard.
With only 18 days remaining before the transfer window is over. The Benzema transfer seems to be taking longer than i personally anticipated . Am guessing ,if Wenger wouldn’t have signed Petr Cech ,whom of course was given to us by Abramovich. Then we could have made  no single signing. Clubs are strengthening ,their sides u know,we don’t have to lag behind always . The opening game against Westham just indicated clearly that ,even The Hammers are gunning for something this season. If a transfer is not done between now and when the transfer window closes then ,the normal Arsenal season ,we’ve been seeing for seasons now, will most certainly take centre stage.
Am afraid so.
Am positive , that if a move should be done,then it should be  soon enough. Lets hope before the start of next week , a player will be checking in at the Emirates to do his medical. Or better sign a contract. The league title is still in the reach of  our hands we just have to strategise our actions,and get ready for the challenging season ahead. Remember,we’ve lost a game we ,atleast shouldn’t lose more than three if we are to win the BPL.
Remember to hit me in the comment box below,and lets get to interact . Gooners remember to tweet and wish Thiery Henry happy birthday.


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