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Arsenal transfer news: Cavani price named, Sevilla midfielder willing to leave, Benzema bid accepted and still going on.

The week has been going on just fine in the transfer news,i have witnessed alot in the transfer window. Different ,squads in the Premier league are doing great. Some ,Arsenal fan who really trusts Wenger ,was saying that this season would turn out to be a very competitive season ,yet very very challenging. Fellow gooners, teams are putting their best foot forward and alot is going to be witnessed during this entire season.

The two games for Arsenal have been vital to Arsenal now up to number 11 up from 20 the other weekend is an improvement .If a winning pattern could be achieved and including a streak of wins,going forward,then a good result is imminent at the end of season.

Manchester City have really improved,their form especially after their exemplary win over Chelsea on Sunday ,their  title hopes were revived. Standing at position one ,they could be posing a major threat this season.With the prowess of Aguero and his skill in front of goal ,would really boost them to an extent,this time round.What do you think can Aguero be the top score thid season?

Well,well,well lets head straight to Arsenal home and check out the latest news coming out;

 Edinson Cavani is man in demand.


With only around two weeks before the transfer window is dramatically closed.Many premier league clubs will be scrambling to complete their remaining lingering tranfers.In Arsene ,he is best drscribed to have been shrwed this summer after reducing the wage bill and flirting with the media over the possibility of signing a great name this name into the Emirates.That has been only that,mainly.

The Arsenal – Benzema back and forth saga seems to be never ending,its time now that Wenger is considering a move to PSG’s goal machine Edison Cavani.The  Uruguayan has netted an impressive 34 league goals in 65 league games alongside Zlatan in Paris.He could well a very fit player for Arsenal.His attacking prowess is known.Being clinical  on goal is what is always shown in his performance.

He would not be cheap though, he would be worth in excess of £35million.

Sevilla midfielder admits he’s worried Arsenal target Grzegorz Krychowiak will leave .

[ad name=”HTML-1″]Vicente Iborra, the 27-year-old Sevilla midfielder,has openly shown his worry on a  move for Krychowiak .The Arsenal target may be headed to the Emirates  for medicals very soon. The polish international helped Sevilla win the Europa league and some more great performances. Last season .His form was nothing less than spot on.

If course I’m concerned that Krychowiak could be taken away,’ said Iborra.

Real Madrid have accepted Arsenal bid for Karim Benzema.

Read on.

This sensational quote are the exact words that every Arsenal fan has been desperate to read for months, years even.

The words actually came from the mouth of former England international Rodney Marsh.

Speaking on American radio station SiriusXM FC, Marsh was feeling very confident about the ability of a deal being completed. I had written earlier on this Karim Benzema accepted bid by Real earlier on this week.Go check it  out .

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