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Arsenal Handed Boost on Real Madrid transfer Target After Perez Places Zlatan on his Transfer Radar

After a rather frustrating start to the season,all the magic and all the good performance that hallmarked the end of last season is no where in the clear this season. Well , am not trying to say that a good campaign won’t be there, am just putting my point straight out that Arsenal start to the season has been extremely way out of line. I had really hoped for a great campaign ,which could have just started with the opening game against The Hammers and go on into other three or four games before we  witness a draw. Not a lose,mark my words .But that has not been seen here .Arsenal lost the first game and has now failed to score in two consecutive games. I dont know what Wenger thinks of his team,but i must say in Gary Neville words that Arsene is over estimating his squad.

“It is either naive, or arrogance,” said Neville on Sky Sports. “Because they keep losing this way. Belief? It is mis-held belief.

[ad name=”HTML-2″]That we can win the premier league with only a signing .That does not happen in the EPL ,Alexis left Barcelona a club faced by a transfer ban but has signed now more players than the English side he left for that has signed one player. A goal keeper.Cech has been instrumental no doubt about that,but we need more than a goal keeper,we want a goal scorer too.

Enough of that.I guess .I don’t want to sound sentiment.According to reliable sources from Santiago state that Zlatan Ibrahimovic the PSG forward is currently on Real president Florentino Perez’s radar. This could give Arsenal faint hope on signing Benzema. Cause for Perez to release Benz then a big name must be signed by Real for them to release him. This has been the trend for Perez he only releases his top player if another top player will be brought into his squad. Therefore, the misguided concept that Arsenal will sign Benz without Real signing a top forward then seems really out if line. There seems hope is almost getting lost. But motivational speaker will tell us to  keep hope alive,that’s what every gooner does nevertheless.

[ad name=”HTML-2″]What concerns me although is the state in which the transfer is going.The transfer is only a few days from being shut closed forever until January where Wenger plans to sign Gonzalo .Arsenal have not signed a key forward player.A player capable of leading a title campaign. Real are interested in Zlatan but will the deal be sealed before the transfer window is over and thus help Arsenal get Karim. I remain positive at all costs but dear gooners if a player.No.If a forward is not signed before tuesday then ,the current form we have witnessed in the past few games may as well continue.

[ad name=”HTML-1″]The pre-season was good,really good  checkout my post where Arsenal beat Wolfsburg and revived the hopes for a great season, but the onset of the season has been really bad .Sign a forward Wenger.If a forward is not signed then Arsenal wont go and win the league hands down ,what do you think?

About tomorrow’s trip to st James park against Newcastle ,we are hoping for Koscienly and Per to be back inorder to boost the Arsenal backline since Mondays game against Liverpool was one not to forget.We escaped unpurnished with those many mistakes we committed.Am always championing for Walcott and Alex Chamberlain to start the game right from the very start,what do you think?

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